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This small country in the heart of Central Europe is still unknown to the majority of people.Despite talented artists like Kafka, Dvořák, Miloš Forman and Kundera making it world famous through their work, the Czech Republic is too often reduced to its capital city, Prague. Adults dive into Czech history with a local friend and guide, while kids explore Český Krumlov | Coast into the countryside, passing lush meadows and homesteads sporting traditional architecture | Folk musicians provide the soundtrack for a delicious traditional meal cooked over an open fire. A theatrical sword-fighting display entrances kids and adults alike.Wende dich an eine Notfallnummer, wenn du selbst Hilfe brauchst oder Hilfe für einen Freund suchst.

We travel every year together and we ranked this trip as a ten in our book!Its physical features as well as the various characteristics of its soil have enabled the Czech Republic to develop such different pastimes as spas, skiing, hiking or exploring caves that look like cathedrals.It’s the perfect combination of a very rich cultural heritage and a natural environment, ideal for your well-being!All over the Czech territory, you will find a host of impressive and fascinating buildings and among them, the most beautiful baroque monuments in the Art Nouveau or cubist style.Scattered all over the country are magnificent castles nestled in the mountains and in the woods.

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