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(I'm not sure whether she's with Eric Stonestreet or a non-Stonestreet at this point.) Bethenny gives Lu Ann an exasperated non-answer before moving across the table to whisper-yell to Ramona about Lu Ann within clear earshot of her.

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Yes, we all know she didn’t get to have this kind of wedding the first time around, but that doesn’t mean she needs to have it the second time around.

) on the OGs, got engaged to D' Agostino just weeks ago (after her public split from her ex-husband Alexandre de Lesseps in 2009).

The former model and mom of two was clearly thrilled to flaunt her new ring, and, with a bauble like that, who wouldn't be?!

She keeps saying, "Bring it on, girlfriend," like she's in a teacher-written school play about bullying, and then she tries to trademark "BL" (Before Lu). A little later, Bethenny is talking at Jules about her new short haircut and how Lu Ann is obsessed with comparing it to her own, when Lu Ann and Ramona walk back through the dining room.

Bethenny hears universe can collapse in on itself, Bethenny calls Lu Ann back in so that she can finish what she started.

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