Most intimidating college football stadiums 2016 road dating

It’s not the biggest, most intimidating place to play a game, but when Vanderbilt gets rolling, the Commodores can have a nice atmosphere at Vanderbilt Stadium.Although Vanderbilt should be improved this fall, it remains to be seen how many fans will pack the stadium throughout the season.

We can all agree that, fairly obviously, if two teams have the same, or very similarly, coloured shirts, a change is required, but what of ‘partial clashes’, where is the tipping point?

Despite the constant bashing of the SEC from other conferences around the country, it’s hard to dispute the SEC’s dominance during the past decade.

That dominance has led to more attention, which has led to more money being put into programs, which has led to bigger and better stadiums.

Though some schools have been obsessed with adding more and more seats, Kentucky actually has reduced the size of Commonwealth Stadium.

The Wildcats’ focus has been on making game days as fan friendly as possible, and part of that plan meant taking out some seats to make the overall experience better for loyal fans.

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