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You have people from every educational background, almost every country in the world, who are dating online, and so many people are finding success online. Is marriage the definition of a successful relationship?

Well marriage is, for the vast majority of the American population, marriage is what’s considered to be the gold standard in terms of relationship success. First of all, actually, the wedding is very expensive and it’s very expensive and annoying for all of your friends.

I think a lot of people just don’t want to get married. I don’t feel like women need the financial security of marriage like they used to, and also, divorce is really expensive, and I just don’t see, you know, from a personal perspective, I don’t see my relationship being more likely to last because we have this piece of paper.

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I often engage in “Lifetime movie stenography” wherein I take real-time viewing notes with the goal of molding it into some kind of review with a point. But I forget about the draft, I forget about the movie, and life hurtles forward.

Online dating on sites like Tinder work really well for a small percentage of people because you have to be better than average to be worth swiping on.

So, it’s a bit remarkable Alan Louis Kishbaugh and Frank Waters, the late author who lived in Arroyo Seco, were active pen pals for nearly 30 years.

This book contains an annotated collection of the hundreds of letters the two men exchanged.

Those aren’t necessarily the elite class of people who are the one in three marriages.

These are individuals who come from all walks of life and Tinder really represents the democratization of dating.

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