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Henry Roth lives in a Hawaiian paradise with the company of endless women with no strings attached. Both Henry and Lucy enjoy the company of each other and feel the start of a serious relationship occurring.

Approaching Lucy the next day, Henry is confused when Lucy fails to recognize him.

champ took to Instagram with a few more enviable snapshots from their stunning getaway.

The blond beauty rocked a white crocheted bikini and fedora while posing on a swing overlooking the ocean and only one word comes to mind: Ab-freaking-tastic!

This is the moment Henry discovers that Lucy actually suffers from short term memory loss and can't remember each individual day.

Henry won't let this stop him and is prepared to make her fall in love with him all over again, each and every day.

At the end of the movie, Henry made a video for Lucy to let her know what had happened since the accident that caused her memory loss.

In the video, Henry said on one card, "Red Sox win Series!

Derek Hough recently shared intimate details from his little sister's nuptials while sitting down with E! "I could write a novel about that week," he gushed.

"Every moment of every day was planned to perfection. I was transported to another time.""[Laich] is just a great guy," Derek said of granting Julianne his stamp of approval.

"I said to him, ‘I've known Julianne my entire life.

Industry leaders, distillery and community representatives, and whisky enthusiasts from home and abroad gathered to toast the launch of a five-day programme comprising 370 events.

Festival chairman James Campbell paid a special tribute to those who had travelled hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of miles to attend.

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