Busy phillips dating

I guess I really was my character from Philipps also posted a picture of Williams and her at the Critics Choice Awards last week.

(Williams again took Philipps as her date.) Her caption there reads, ”Michelle and I like this picture of ourselves in a porta potty better than any red carpet pics we saw.

It’s a sh*tty club and we don’t want any new members… I really felt like in that moment, like wow, we’ve done it. Life has brought us to a place that’s not just surviving, but thriving.” For more from Michelle, visit

That's legit how we were dressed for a regular night out. Busy and the couple’s Brokeback Mountain co-star Jake Gyllenhaal are named godparents.Busy, whose legal name is Elizabeth Jean Philipps, wore an all-black top with long sleeves, a high neckline and lace embellishments.She paired the top with black leggings and black combat boots, and accessorized with a silver and black pendant and colorful clutch. At a recent New York screening of Williams’s latest movie, , “I’m here with my best friend.”“I’m so in love with her,” she continued, referring to Philipps, her date. And even Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams, who starred on the show together in the early 2000s, live by that same tenet.

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