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Traditional subscription television providers face an array of Internet competitors, ranging from Netflix and Hulu to You Tube and other digital-video sites, that are discouraging consumers from signing up for cable or satellite TV or prompting them to cancel service.

“Cord-cutting has finally accelerated,” Moffett wrote in a research note Monday.

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Give us a call at 91 862-000-5555 or simply fill out the form and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.Our Virtual Credit Cards are Virtual VISA Cards (and not plastic cards) created from both US and Russian Banks.They are Non-Reloadable and can be used to make payment online where you see VISA logo.The decline in Q1 2015 comes after about 1.4 million households over the course of 2014 either canceled existing pay-TV service or were new households that didn’t sign up at all, according to Moffett’s analysis. 1 cable operator, shed 8,000 video subscribers, while Time Warner Cable — the now-aborted takeover target of Comcast — actually gained a net 33,000.Direc TV, the largest satellite provider, added 60,000 and Verizon Fi OS and AT&T U-verse added subs as well.

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