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During these early years, the RACC achieved many of the goals that were central to its creation. The RACC played an equally significant role in introducing Romanian business and government leaders to American businesses.

And though the city has a ways to go before its rough edges are smoothed out, the anticipation of what the future might bring is palpable.Re-executed on a number of occasions since then, this document still forms the basis of the continued affiliation between the RACC and Romania's Chamber of Commerce and Industry.The early 1990s were turbulent years for Romania as it emerged from over forty years of draconian communist rule.Founded in 1981, Sighet Village Museum is the largest and most complex display of the traditional Maramures village and the rural artisanal techniques from this region.The basic concept of the museum is the arrangement of the homesteads around the church, as in Maramures villages, all the streets and paths leading towards it.

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