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K., John, this is not about an on-again, off-again relationship. In fact, Mayer seems to regret the bad-boy lifestyle he cultivated through crazy interviews and years of dating fellow stars like Taylor Swift and Jennifer Aniston.

“I wish there was somebody to throw me the 40th,” he said, referencing his upcoming birthday. I’m right on time for my career, and I’m running late for my life.” Mayer laughed through plenty of jabs about his personal life at a recent roast.

But I do not really care."“Who else would I be thinking about? “And by the way, it’s a testament to the fact that I have not dated a lot of people in the last five, six years. So it’s like, give me this, people.”, is more than just a breakup album.

“There were times when tears came out of me, and I went, 'O.

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I'm still hostile towards Brad, and I wasn't even involved in the relationship. Especially if he dates women like Angelina and I still prefer Jennifer Aniston movies over Angelina's.

Since August 2015, Jennifer Aniston has been married to husband Justin Theroux.

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Mayer referenced his new song , which features lovelorn lyrics like, "I still keep your shampoo in my shower. And I know that you probably found yourself someone somewhere.

Earlier this month, she tried to criticize Taylor Swift in a Glamour profile and ended up playing herself.

Mayer, meanwhile, hasn’t publicly dated anyone since he broke up with Katy Perry, and he’s going to have a new (pop? He told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live this summer that he wants a girlfriend and is “ready to roll.” thing; Mayer: “Dear John.”) Together, they could be a force for gossip good.

This is the best gossip news I have heard in months.

Regardless of whether or not Mayer and Lovato are actually dating or even interested in each other, the potential for drama with this pairing is too good to ignore.

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