1 on 1 cyber sex

Voyeurs can get something out of ogling the ladies in Brad Armstrong's "Cybersex", shot over 20 years ago before the actor-turned-director hit his stride, but his treatment of a potentially interesting subject is poor.

In terms of his overall career, I would classify this as juvenalia, perhaps promising but not ready for prime time.

Philippe Dean starts the saga in the lead role of Damian, searching for Virtualia and her Temple hdqts., in atmospheric location footage shot in Spain, while abstract futuristic sets (depicting 2018, reality nearly having caught up with the story) were used in Budapest studios.The point seems to be (and only the Vivid Video brass would know for sure) to fashion a vehicle for star Crystal Gold.She's a statuesque beauty, for whom the casting as a cyborg is as effective as that decision to make Arnold Schwarzenegger "The Terminator", maximizing his impact on screen while hiding his obvious shortcomings (e.g., any acting ability).Thank you International Justice Mission Canada for your commitment to protect our children.MANILA, Philippines - Twenty people were arrested on Wednesday when policemen raided three suspected cybersex dens in Quezon City.

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