Dating ornges apples lemons

In April 2013, Mango and Dulce de Leche go on vacation and are replaced by Peach-Mango and Raspberry Lemonade.These two flavors were chosen by our Face Book fans during our Flavor Mash-Up promotion in 2012.This juice is great when you need some nutritional punch but don't have time to eat a salad!Four green leafy veggies provide high doses of vitamins and minerals: including calcium.Consumers may not see the new flavors in the bags for a few months. We have added new flavors Cherry Cola and Pink Lemonade!

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Light and refreshing, Citrus 1 is our lowest sugar Citrus juice.

THE MACRO BOWLSpinach topped with brown rice, quinoa, smoked tofu, edamame, red pepper, carrot, baked cayenne yams, red cabbage, roasted maple sirarcha cashews. THE BURRITO BOWLCajun black bean rice, garlic potatoes and yams, cherry tomato salsa, chipotle corn all on shredded white and purple cabbage, baby greens dressed with creamy lime dressin THE SPRING ROLLMarinated tofu, red pepper, cilantro, kelp noodles, carrot, rice paper, with a spicy almond and sesame sauce.

THE KALE CAESARKale topped with smokey maple tempeh, nut and seed "parmesan", chipotle coconut bacon, and fresh lemon. THE ALMOND CHOCOLATE CUPAlmond butter, maple syrup, extra virgin coconut oil, cacao powder, almond meal, coconut sugar, and Himalayan sea salt.

In fact, in the Spanish-speaking world, a common idiom is sumar peras con manzanas, that is, to add pears and apples; the same thing applies in Italian and Romanian, where popular idioms are respectively sommare le mele con le pere and a aduna merele cu perele.

In Portuguese, the expression is comparar laranjas com bananas or "compare orange to banana".

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